Tour-Z Golf Balls

The Longest Premium Golf Ball

The Kick X Tour-Z(TM) Ball was designed with two things in mind - distance and feel. Through an independent study done at Golf Laboratories Inc. in Southern California, scientific tests concluded that the Tour-Z ball out distances every other ball on the market today.

Unlike other balls that sacrifice feel for distance, Kick X engineers specially designed this ball with a super soft cover that provides amazing responsiveness, allowing golfers to dictate their shots with more control than ever before.

The Tour-Z's power mantle layer enhances ball compression to reduce driver spin and generate explosive launching power off the clubface, while the internal Metal Fuzion Core(TM) produces the highest level of C.O.R. seen on the market today. Once you get to the green, the Unique Z Alignment system makes it easier than ever to line up to the cup and sink putts every time.

With its unmatched distance and remarkable accuracy, the Kick X Tour-Z truly is the one ball that does it all.

  • Dominant Distance
  • Superior Feel
  • Precision Control

Product Features

Metal Fuzion Core™

A fusion of 3 carefully selected metals increases density for higher C.O.R.

Power Enhancement Layer

Energy transfer layer improves power and control

Aerodynamic Cover

Tour-Preferred soft cover delivers exceptional feel and spin control

Alignment System

Visual alignment system helps players sink more putts


Watch and Learn

Find out everything you need to know about the Tour-Z! The longest premium ball with the easy-aim Z-Alignment Putting System