MA-nine Hybrids

Designed To Win!

The Kick X MA-9 Hybrids are constructed from 431-9 stainless steel, offering premium feel and total shot control on the fairway. Designed by world-renowned club designer, Mark Adams, the MA-9 Hybrid features an enhanced sweet-spot providing unparalleled forgiveness for off-center shots while the unique crown design promotes precise alignment at address.

Relief grooves in the sole reduce drag and boosts playability off the face, enhancing shot accuracy and maximizing player confidence.

The MA9 Hybrid's optimal center of gravity allows for direct contact with the ball, offering a higher ball trajectory after impact, while the Grafalloy TourSpeed Shaft provides for optimal shot trajectory - launching it further and straighter down the fairway.

Product Features

Maximum Forgiveness

Enlarged sweet-spot helps reduce shot dispersion

Unique Crown Design

Frames the ball for precise alignment

Relief Grooves

Less drag for greater playability


Watch and Learn

See the MA-nine Hybrids in action and learn how they are designed to win