April 15, 2015 | News & Media | Medicus Kick X

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Titleist Targets Kick X Tour Z Golf Balls In Lawsuit

4/15/2015 By Mike Hoye   

Modern day David and Goliath battle looms over the Kick X Tour Z golf ball

VISTA, Calif. – Titleist filed a lawsuit against Kick X in Massachusetts federal court this month alleging that the Kick X Tour Z infringed on its patents. The Titleist lawsuit alleges that the dimple pattern on the Kick X Tour Z golf balls violates the pattern patented by Acushnet Company, part of the South Korean company Fila Korea, Ltd. The U.S.-based Kick X is due to respond in court in the coming weeks.

“We understand why they are targeting us as we are a longer premium ball and one of the fastest growing brands on the market,” said Bob Koch, chief executive officer of Kick X Golf.

The TourZ is Longest Premium Ball on the Market

In an independent comparison conducted last summer at the highly respected Golf Laboratories, Inc. testing site in San Diego, the Kick X TourZ outdistanced the best premium balls from Titleist including the Titleist Pro-V1 and the Titleist Pro-V1x golf balls.

The Kick X TourZ ball features a Metal Fuzion Core™ that creates an exceptionally high coefficient of restitution—the spring effect found in premium golf balls—thanks to a fusion of three proprietary metals that concentrates mass in the center of its core, which allows the ball to rebound more quickly when compressed at impact, producing additional launch speed and distance. An aerodynamic cover provides unmatched accuracy on tee shots, exceptional spin control on approaches and triple-layered construction that’s engineered to deliver a soft, superior feel around the green.