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Medicus Kick X Blast Toughlie 3 Wood Now Available

5/12/2015 By Mike Hoye   

VISTA, Calif. – Medicus, the leading developer of golf swing training products for more than 20 years, today announced that its new Kick X Blast ToughLie 3 wood is now available to golfers everywhere.

The ToughLie is a long, forgiving and straight fairway metal with a reversible sole plate adjustment, which enables it to perform under any turf condition. With a compact pear shape design and black satin PVD Finish that inspires confidence, the ToughLie also has Cavity Compression Chamber Technology, for a greater spring effect and an expanded sweet spot on the face. In addition to the reversible sole plate—one direction yields a smooth traditional sole, the other with rails that cut through thick grass—it also features CT grooves that give the clubhead less resistance to bad lies in gnarly turf.

The ToughLie is the latest addition to a relatively new and well-received line of Kick X performance clubs and products, including drivers, fairway woods, irons, putters and the popular TourZ golf ball, which in controlled tests proved to be the longest premium ball on the market. Like all other Kick X Golf products, the ToughLie conforms to USGA standards and is now available with a suggested retail price of $199.95.

“We’ve been very pleased with the reception golfers have given Kick X performance clubs and balls, and are convinced that the ToughLie will enable them to play even better golf, even in the roughest of conditions,” said Mark Adams, Medicus Golf’s vice president of product development. “It’s often hard to get ahead of the curve in this industry, but I think we’ve accomplished this with designs and technologies that produce larger and hotter sweet spots on drivers, woods and irons. In addition, our Kick X Tour Z ball has emerged as one of the most sought-after brands in the golf industry.”

The TourZ is Longest Premium Ball on the Market

Kick X is clearly ahead of the curve with its TourZ ball. It features a Metal Fuzion Core™ that creates an exceptionally high coefficient of restitution—the spring effect found in premium golf balls—thanks to a fusion of three proprietary metals that concentrates mass in the center of its core, which allows the ball to rebound more quickly when compressed at impact, producing additional launch speed and distance.

An aerodynamic cover provides unmatched accuracy on tee shots, exceptional spin control on approaches and triple-layered construction that’s engineered to deliver a soft, superior feel around the green.

In an independent comparison conducted at the highly respected Golf Laboratories, Inc. testing site in San Diego, the Kick X TourZ outdistanced the best premium balls from Titleist, Callaway and Srixon.

The Next Generation of Medicus Training Aids

Later this year, Medicus will introduce its new Tri-Hinge training club, a breakthrough product that allows a player to practice not only straight shots, but work on fades and draws. This club features an MA9 performance head, which better mimics the quality of clubs used on the course. The head of the Tri-Hinge has three adjustment positions marked on its hosel: Blue to practice fades, Red for straight shots and the Black alignment for draws. Its shaft also has a set-screw for adjusting break point tension. “As their game improves, most golfers want to learn to work the ball,” said Adams. “The Tri-Hinge will help them do it.”